Cortes de Cima, Sauvignon Blanc

Cortes de Cima_7975

Regional Alentejano, BRANCO, 2013
86 Points

Sauvignon Blanc.
Agridoce. Para comida étnica. Amarelo claro e citrino. Espargo estreme e Sauvignon, fruta tropical. Aromático. Sucroso, amplitude e acabamento médios.

E. Hans Jorgensen
P. Cortes de Cima, S.A.

Sobre Aníbal Coutinho

Anibal Coutinho lives in Lisboa and he is a Portuguese independent wine commentator. For the first time ever a well known Portuguese professional is writing in English about Portuguese wines. Using the letter W for his wine philosophy, Anibal shares his passionate view as a wine consumer, winemaker, wine writer, wine voyeur, wine bullshitter, wine buyer, wine educator, wine judge and amateur sommelier. He has a MSc and an ongoing PhD in Sensory Analysis. He will also share his passion about other W liquids. Anibal sings in the Gulbenkian Choir. Last but not least he is a devoted husband and father.
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