100 posts later my worst feelings regarding wine snobs are in their highest peak. Those despising label drinkers and window shoppers should be jailed in a burgundian clos shaped detention facility; this welcoming and seller-like ambiance would be extremely easy to finance, giving the thousands of unworthy bottles pedigree producers would refrain from pouring to that daring and selfish group of parasites. Wine magazines are packed with conscious and unconscious wine snobs. Even the democratic and restriction free flower power blogger movement is quickly growing in snobbery.

Imagem 393I would like to recommend 100 rules to avoid ridiculous behavior around the wine industry, in respect for wine itself for its heritage, economic and social contribution and, last but not least, its resilient nature, but my W-friends would find it quite snobbish. So I share the basics of my own W life: 1. I drink, I share and enjoy, 2. I drink and listen, 3. I drink and learn, 4. I try to drink local and eat local, 5. I drink, I like and I praise the producer and/or winemaker, 6. I drink, I don’t like, I don’t understand, certainly it is my problem and mine only, eventually I will try again later, I will never write about it and not even discuss it, 7. I always harvest, luckily twice a year, 8. I spend time working in a winery every year, 9. Due to my activity I don’t shop much but I purchase wines that are new to me, focusing on the 3 to 15 euros price point, 10. I visit all the mainland Portuguese wine regions and some few wine countries every year; at my own expense.

Next 100 posts – at least a daily blog – will keep up showing my love for this unique cultural and natural beverage but will also show greater despise for wine parasites.

By the way, I do love Sangria and I prepare it with every open bottle of wine I may have.

Sobre Aníbal Coutinho

Anibal Coutinho lives in Lisboa and he is a Portuguese independent wine commentator. For the first time ever a well known Portuguese professional is writing in English about Portuguese wines. Using the letter W for his wine philosophy, Anibal shares his passionate view as a wine consumer, winemaker, wine writer, wine voyeur, wine bullshitter, wine buyer, wine educator, wine judge and amateur sommelier. He has a MSc and an ongoing PhD in Sensory Analysis. He will also share his passion about other W liquids. Anibal sings in the Gulbenkian Choir. Last but not least he is a devoted husband and father.
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